Confessions to start 2014 with

I feel like a failure admitting this to the world, but alas, there is no way to hide it, I have gained back all the weight I lost at boot camp, plus it brought some friends along with it. I could allow myself to wallow in the self pity pool, make a few splashes about how I got stressed out last year with school, finances and a severe illness in the household. Or I could stick my head above it all, tread for a bit but never get anywhere.

Or I could get out of the pool, dry myself off and say yes. I have fallen off the wagon and into the pool of self pity. I guess that is one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged at all in the past 10 months. My apologies.

So let’s start off 2014 with some positive things that ARE/HAVE happening/happened:

  • 165 days until I fly to the USA for four weeks of HOLIDAY!
  • Finally getting knee surgery in 10 days time :)
  • I did a spin class last week with Ness!
  • SW, my BFF and partner-in-drinking-crime is coming to NZ for a holiday in 83 days!
  • I’ve got my timetable for university all sorted for the WHOLE year!

And how am I going to get myself back on the wagon?

I’ve admitted that I’ve fallen off. I’ve put my weight on MyFitnessPal to my current weight of 86.5kg so that any losses will keep me motivated as I weigh in each Monday. I have successfully logged every single piece of food that has fallen into my mouth over the past seven days, and I aim to continue doing that.

I am fully aware that during the recuperation period, my mobility will be limited (crutches) so I’ll be extra vigilant with my eating until I’m given the all clear to hit the weights again.

Learning to love weights is another one. I love my spin classes, I’m hooked. But weights means body transformation. Once I’m cleared to go back into weighted squats etc with my knee, I’m looking into doing the Live Fit programme. It’s free and requires only four days per week.

If you’re using MyFitnessPal, and you’d like to be my friend and help me stay motivated and on track – click here!

It’s been a while

e25830bab8fb11e28ddc22000a9f15db_7And for that, I’m sorry. It has been madhouse in my life.

1. School

I am officially sick to death of assignments. I’ve been AWOL (except with leave) from motorsport to try and get everything done without reaching my stress limits. Except I am at my limits. There has been no end to assignments. I’ve written one over the course of three weekends which was 4600 words and 22 pages long. For a second year paper. This is also the first semester in which I have done two second year papers together (in the past it has been all first year or first and second year papers). I am now really not looking forward to next semester where I am doing a third year and second year paper. Kill me now.

Although, you know what they say – It isn’t easy, but it will be worth it!

2. Knee

I’ll give you a longer more detailed post on what is officially wrong with the knee. In laymans terms – it is stuffed and cannot be fixed.

3. Weight

Ho hum? I haven’t lost anything all year. On the upside, I haven’t gained anything either. Being restricted with my knee hasn’t helped. At least I know where I’m going wrong.

4. New Toys

I’ve got a new toy which I’m going to tell you about – It is a Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor which connects to my iPhone 5. I’ve had it a week, and I think it is pretty damn awesome.

So here we go, I want to be back to 74kg by the end of the semester, which is July the 5th. That is doable.

Back on the wagon!

Pick me up when I’m down


That is me… second from the left, running in the bush! YAY ME!

So over the last couple of days, I’ve been feeling a bit down on myself. I feel like I’m constantly injured and that the injuries are holding me back from reaching my goals. I’ve basically spent the past six months feeling like I’m paying the rent on behalf of my physiotherapist!

This post is going to be my prozac. Whilst I’ve been injured I’ve done some great things and I think I need to recognise that instead of focus on the negative. So, here we go:

  • I ran 5km in one session on the treadmill
  • I ran 1km through the bush, uphill on the road in 6 minutes 55 seconds
  • I lost 6.6kg on bootcamp WITH an injured achilles tendon
  • I lost 4% body fat on that same bootcamp
  • I am lifting heavier weights at the gym
  • I went to boxing bootcamp and improved my techniques
  • I have logged into MyFitnessPal for 185 days straight
  • I’ve been interviewed for Naturally, Leah
  • I’ve been featured on Girls Gone Healthy

And I bet some of my readers have done some pretty amazing stuff to be proud of – like Ness. She is one lady who is really focused on getting moving and I really admire her for that.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’m going to feel proud of what I’ve done and what you guys are doing. What are you doing that is making you more awesome?

Boot Camp 1 – Alikat 0

So on Friday night, I headed off to BoxSlim boot camp. I was really, really excited. Friday night saw us settling into our rooms, getting to know each other, some awesome wraps for dinner and then a technique workshop.

Nothing like a nice strong burn of an hour of technique before a hot chocolate and bed.

The bunk beds would prove to be my downfall at the camp. I love my bed at home. It has an amazing mattress. The bunks at camp had foam squabs. I woke up on Saturday morning with a mildly sore back.

We did a 40 minute boot camp style workout to wake us up. This included things like running laps of the football field, tricep dips, situps, pushups, burpees etc. And then, breakfast!

After breakfast, we went for a run! I ran 1km to the falls and back in 6 minutes and 55 seconds. It was through the bush, over a fence and the uphill on the road back to the campground. I’m really impressed with my time because I’m not a runner and I’ve never run off road or on the road for that matter.

Once we had all finished the run, it was in to the new format of BoxSlim – BoxSlim turbo. This is fast. You have 10 seconds between tracks and each track is just a couple of minutes long. So you don’t have much time to have a drink and regain your breath. It is just boom. boom. boom. And you’re done within 30 minutes. I quite like this, but I prefer the current BoxSlim format for me.

In the lead up to lunch, it was challenges time. The challenges included a tractor tyre flip, running with a tyre and the caber toss. My group had the tractor tyre flip and that is where I came unstuck. My back already sore from a bad nights sleep, I pulled something doing the tyre flip and have spent the rest of my time in agony. Despite the best efforts of Rachel (one of the trainers) and Steve (one of the owners), we couldn’t get my back to a stage where I could continue with the camp. So I had to admit defeat and decided just before dinner time yesterday to come home and be miserable and sore in my own home than miserable and sore somewhere else.

Would I do a boot camp like this again if I had the choice? Oh yes! Hopefully next time I will recognise my limits and work within them. And I now have a run time to beat too!

Oh and I cried at camp. Because I’m human. I was in pain from my back and also pissed off and angry at myself for letting myself get injured. I had spent good money to be there and 50% of the way through the weekend I pulled the pin and headed home. So I feel like I wasted my money as well. That is life though. I really do hope I can go back next year.


makes-you-awesomeSuitcase has been (mostly) packed. I’m hoping I’ve packed enough stuff to be honest. I don’t own much in the way of gym gear (4x tops, 2x bottoms, 1x pair of cross trainers) but it is going to get sweaty and hot and I don’t want to be the stinky kid on camp.

So what have I packed?

The stuff above, plus suncreen, hat, togs, towels, some bedding stuff, lots of water, sugarfree powerades, protein bars, my heart rate monitor, my boxing wraps, my camera… MY CAMERA. I am going to *try* to post a few pictures here while I’m at camp, but lets be honest – I’m not sure if I will get a cellphone signal to do so.

Which leads me to another problem.

Today is my 180th straight day of logging into MyFitnessPal and I’m scared that I’m going to lose that figure if I can’t get cellphone reception. I guess I will just have to pull up my big girl undies and deal with it. But I’ll still be sad.

So in seven hours, I’ll be arriving at BoxSlim Boot Camp and I’ll be leaving at 2pm-ish on Sunday afternoon.

Wish me luck!!

Oh and to balance out the fitness with the academics, because I have an important test next week for uni, I’m packing my notes and textbooks to do a little study for a few hours in one of the camp’s relaxation rooms. Such a goody-two-shoes that I am!!

Finally 5k


ME! In my post-run sweaty glory!

I wish I had a photo of the distance thingy on the treadmill to record this glorious achievement, but not. I had a fail during the run and hit the emergency stop button, which in turn, reset the distance with four minutes left on my timer. GAH!!

But in spite of my treadmill fail, tonight I have achieved one of my goals - I ran 5km. I did it in a time of 38 minutes (Average of 7.5kph or thereabouts). I wasn’t sure if I should have been running, but I got to the gym and decided to try out my knee to see how it feels.

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been struggling with PFS and running is the worst thing for it, but after last weeks treatment, I had been barely able to jog without any pain in my IT band. I had a session of physio yesterday and before I go to boxing tomorrow, I wanted to try it out and see how far I can push it and as it happens, I can push it 5km. And I didn’t really feel anything, tonight. Tomorrow will be the tell all.

And in the mean time, I’m going to have another crack at 5km this coming weekend AND I will not hit the emergency stop button by accident AND I will get a photo of that distance!

Introducing ‘Foamy’


Me & Foamy!

Injuries. They are more than a pain in life, they are a pain full stop.

Since I injured my Achilles I had been questioning if I should go down the foam rolling path. I don’t really know much about what I’m doing with one, but today I purchased one while at the Physiotherapists clinic getting treatment for another problem I’m suffering from - Patellofemoral syndrome.

One thing I have learned through all my injuries that I’m suffering from super-tight muscles in my legs and unless I deal with these, then I will continue to suffer from injuries and the good old knee pain.

I have named my foam roll ‘Foamy’ and I intend to get full use from him each night and he will also be coming with me to BoxSlim Boot Camp just to make sure I don’t run into any problems while I’m there.

And in the mean time, I’m going to go and watch some YouTube videos about how to use this baby!

BoxSlim Boot Camp

makes-you-awesomeI am so excited about this boot camp I just have to blog about how excited I am. YAY!

My friends Steve and Daina have this awesome company called BoxSlim and you’ve no doubt heard me mention that I love their classes before. If you haven’t – I LOVE THEIR CLASSES. They’re an awesome cardio/body weight workout that takes an hour and every single class is different and the music is great. Steve and I have very similar tastes in music, so it goes without saying that I love the music.

For the weekend 15-17 March 2013, I’ll be up in the Hunua Ranges just behind my home town here getting sweaty with people I’ve never met before. I’m the only person from my BoxSlim class (Pukekohe)  going, aside from our trainer, Kylie, who is also awesome.

We are guinea pigs for a new BoxSlim Turbo format – which Steve describes as “30 minutes high intensity and guaranteed to get you sweating” which sounds like it’ll be a hit.

There is also technique workshops (and I know my technique needs a fine tune) as well as challenges like the Big Bertha Tyre Flip, Sprints, Pushups, Beep Tests, Wall Squats etc. And I love a little competition!

And of course because it is boot camp, there is a 7am wakeup boot camp workout! Wohoo!

There is workouts based around music tastes – BoxSlim Techno, BoxSlim Mixed and my favourite – BoxSlim Rocks which promises AC/DC and Guns and Roses to box along to (Not sure about the inclusion of Nickelback though – eugh) And the Techno promises 180 beats per minute of pumping fast boxing. For those who are familiar with BoxSlim, Mixed will bring all the favourite tracks together such as Hero and Sexy and I Know It.

What else has me excited? BoxSlim Tabata! I have never ever tried Tabata but I’ve been keen and now I can do it while at camp! YAY! Four minute work outs. Twenty seconds hard out, twenty seconds rest.

Running in conjunction to all the boxing will be core conditioning classes as well as strengthening and relaxation to compliment the hardcore boxing.

So I’ll be packing my workout clothes, some protein snacks, lots of water bottles, taking my iPad for some reading and my camera for some downtime relaxing as there is downtime as well and lets not forget my Polar FT7. I want to see how many calories I burn. The great part is that breakfasts/lunches/dinner are all included, so just the snacks are required.

I believe there are places still available so if you want to get in amongst it with me, in the bush – come get your box on!

The Damage

Birthday CakeI’ve had nearly two months off now of not watching every single mouthful that I eat or counting every single calorie I’ve burnt and now it is time for me to pay for it.

Of the 6.6kg I lost at boot camp, three of those have crept back on, but my body fat percentage has been stable. Over the break I’ve over-indulged in sweet things and alcohol. Cheesecake is not a breakfast food people! Not when half a cheesecake is 1220 calories (that is the same number of calories I would eat over the course of a normal day) let alone by the time I’ve had some other left over goodies and washed it down with some wine. The damage is on my waist for all to see.

So I gave it until after my Birthday on Tuesday to go easy on myself and not beat myself up too much, because what does that achieve? Nothing.

As of Thursday, I am back on the wagon. Watching every calorie in and out. Making sure I drink plenty of water and keep sodium intake in check. I’m at the gym every day I possibly can be there. And I’ve found myself missing the killer morning boot camp workouts lately too.

The local sporting goods store has had a plethora of sales on over the summer and so I’ve purchased myself two new Nike workout tanks and a pair of Puma workout capris. I need to acquire at least another exercise bra – because one is not enough – and I’ll do that before the Boxing Bootcamp in March because no one likes the person who stinks all the time.

It is time to undo the damage and get some momentum back into this. I want to be 60-65kg by Christmas and if I achieve 2kg per month, I’ll be a happy boot camper!


I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my fitbit, so this post is a bit of a what, how and why!

It is a pedometer, and if you’ve got an Ultra or a One, it is also a sleep tracker. The Ultra and One also track stairs climbed, while the Zip is a lot more simpler. What makes the Fitbit different is that it is a SMART activity tracker. I’ve got a Fitbit Ultra (I’d kill to have a One though as it was released just weeks after I’d bought my Ultra) so a lot of this post is based on my experience with the Ultra.

The Fitbit clips onto your clothing – I wear mine on my bra – and you just clip and forget. Don’t forget to the point where you end up washing them though. Electronic things don’t like water as a general rule. I’ve washed my Fitbit once, and it survived but that may be the exception to the rule.

Attached to my computer is a dongle, which charges my Fitbit Ultra and uses wireless magic to download my steps, floors climbed, distance etc whenever I walk within range of my laptop. If you’ve got the newer One or Zip, it can use Bluetooth to sync to your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 if you’re lucky enough to have one of those, so it always updates!

 There is a Fitbit Dashboard is really simple. I don’t use the food tracking side of Fitbit (I use MyFitnessPal, which I believe is far superior, and syncs with Fitbit too). You can gain achievements for walking distances and flights of stairs (if your Fitbit is stair enabled).

I would really like to upgrade my Ultra to the FitBit One when I replace my iPhone 4 so that I can keep track of my steps all the time and not just while I’m within the range of my dongle. And when I do walk into range of the dongle, I get an update from the Fitbit app on my iPhone saying that I have xxx number of steps until goal, or I’m an “overachiever” and I’ve done xxx number of steps over my goal.

As I work a desk job, I have my goal set to a lowly 5000 steps. While it is recommended that you do 10,000 steps a day – I struggle to get to 5000 because of being tied to a desk without much opportunity to move. But when I do get to go for a walk somewhere (walking is great exercise if you’re just getting started – it is free!) I try and walk a longer route that may have more hills etc. I know that by walking the long way into the central business district of town is the equivalent of climbing seven flights of stairs and I get an extra few hundred steps in that I wouldn’t if I took the usual short cut through the department store. Something I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have the fitbit!

Fitbit also connects to Endomondo and Runkeeper – but be careful when syncing up these accounts to MyFitnessPal if you already have the fitbit connected because it could log the activity twice!

Should you get one? If you can remember its clipped to you and you like the motivation – do it. Gadgets are a great motivator and for a tech junkie like myself, I wouldn’t be without it.